The Graffolution Platform: Innovative approaches to enhance graffiti vandalism prevention

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Grigore Havarneanu, International Union of Railways (UIC) and Bernhard Jäger, SYNYO GmbH

All over Europe city administrations, public transport services, law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders spend enormous amounts of time and money to reduce graffiti vandalism and thereby improve the objective safety and security aspects in their area of responsibility, as well as the public feeling of security. The available resources are usually very limited and professional support is expensive and delivers in most cases solutions that just cover parts of the whole problem and do not take into account relevant human factors. Many relevant stakeholders are not aware of each other and have limited knowledge on the full range of available intervention opportunities.

The EU FP7 Graffolution research project aimed to tackle these issues and provide effective solutions to these problems. Detailed stakeholder analysis conducted in the project showed that there is a strong demand for a new approach that involves all relevant actors (including graffiti writers and citizens) to tackle graffiti vandalism. On basis of comprehensive scientific research including systematic literature reviews and interviews with all relevant stakeholders, the Graffolution web platform was created. It provides an extensive set of tools and resources that allows all stakeholders to learn from existent case studies as well as share knowledge and more widely promote best practices. Additionally, local communities, citizens and graffiti writers are addressed to strengthen public awareness and enforce the prevention of graffiti vandalism, using effectual tools and guidelines. The aim of this presentation is to provide an overview on the new innovative approach and research insights that were found during the Graffolution project.

Furthermore, specific examples will be provided to demonstrate how such approaches may support stakeholders that deal with graffiti vandalism in various contexts and complex systems such as the railway environment.

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7-8 June 2016

NCTL Learning and Conference Centre, Nottingham

What is a Complex System?

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